Instrument Team Monitoring of ACIS

ACIS Monitoring

Radiation Damage Monitoring

Charge transfer inefficiency (CTI) and particle background

Trailing pixel - lost charge re-emitted into a trailing pixel

Instrument Monitoring

Corner pixel distribution

Overclock levels

Focal plane temperature

Calibration Monitoring

Detector gain

Spectral line centroid and width - Gaussian fits at 5.9 and 1.5 keV


Detection efficiency - measuring changes at high energy from CTI

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Bev LaMarr's images of recent raw frames

ACIS CTI background detrending (major update 11/12/10)

Preliminary analysis of Oct 2003 CTI change (now understood as sacrificial charge from the particle background)

Alternating exposure mode data analysis (was used for removing the FI CCD CTI background dependence, now superceded)

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