What's New At The AAO, Science Driven Technology [speaker: Andrew Sheinis, Head Of Instrumentation, Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)]

Monday July 18, 2016 2:00 pm


I will give a brief update to the various new instrumentation projects at the AAO.   I will discuss the GHOST high resolution spectrograph for Gemini; The Taipan Galactic Survey at the UK Schmidt using the exciting new Starbugs technology; the SAMI IFU survey at the AAT using the Hexabundle technology; the 4Most massively multiplexed fibre survey at the Vista Telescope, using the Echidna technology.  I will also talk about future projects such as Hector, a massively multiplexed IFU system at the AAT and the Manifest system for GMT based also on the new Starbugs technology.


Host: Gabor Furesz