What X-rays Tell Us About Exoplanet Systems (speaker: Katja Poppenhaeger, Queen's University Belfast)

Tuesday September 29, 2015 4:00 pm
Marlar Lounge (37-252)

With thousands of exoplanetary systems known to date, characterizing the atmospheres of exoplanets and how they evolve over time has become an intensely studied question. While optical and near-infrared observations probe lower layers of exoplanetary atmospheres, high-energy observations reveal what happens to the upper atmospheric layers that interact with the stellar wind. Also, high-energy photons directly trace the magnetic activity of the host stars, and can be used to draw inferences about the stellar corona, stellar flares, and the rotational history of stars. I will discuss what this exciting observational window has told us so far about exoplanets and their host stars, and will also highlight some upcoming high-energy missions and how their capabilities can be used for the exoplanetary field.

Talk Host: Zach Berta-Thompson


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