Waveform Reconstruction In Coherent WaveBurst [Speaker: Claudia Lazzaro (INFN Padova – UMass)]

Friday December 12, 2014 2:00 pm
NW22 Conference Room*


The coherent WaveBurst (cWB) algorithm uses a coherent method for the detection and re-construction of burst signals based on the use of the constrained likelihood as detection statistic. The likelihood statistic is built up as a coherent sum over the responses of the different detectors; and the maximum likelihood ratio statistic represents the total signal-to-noise ratio of the gravitational wave (GW) signal detected in the network.

The reconstruction of the of GW event by the pipeline is extremely important; it includes both the localization of the source and the signal waveform reconstruction. The preliminary results presented will be focused on the reconstruction of the signal characteristics and the estimation of the waveform parameters. The parameters estimation will play a very important role in the astrophysical interpretation once the first GW signal will be detected, given information on the astrophysical process.

Preliminary results on the time and frequency reconstructed as also the comparison of the time frequency map injected and reconstructed, will be presented; The analysis presented will include both standard sine Gaussian as well as astrophysical signals; also different pipeline settings and different network configurations, affecting the reconstruction capability, have been studied.

We hope to see you all there!

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