Water Opportunities Workshop

Wednesday October 10, 2012 9:00 pm

Join us for a half-day workshop to learn about the latest research and innovation in water at MIT, and the key role of entrepreneurship in bringing new knowledge and technologies to bear on the world's water problems.

Held in the Mcgovern Auditorium of the Whitehead Institute (corner of Main and Vassar in Kendall Square) the workshop will include two exciting sessions, and plenty of time to socialize and network at a concluding reception.

The first session will focus on water research at MIT, and include talks by:

Charles Harvey, Parsons Lab for Environ. Scien. & Engineering
Jason Jay, Sloan Initiative for Sustainable Business & Society
John Lienhard, Center for Clean Water & Clean Energy
Frank O'Sullivan, Program for Energy Sustainability at MITEI
Lawrence Susskind, Environmental Policy & Planning Group

The second session will be a panel discussion focused on entrepreneurship as an engine for water innovation. Panelists will include:

John Briscoe, Harvard University
Kate Clopek, Community Water Solutions
Kevin Dutt, RainBank, Inc.
Mark Humberstone, Imagine H2O
Earl Jones, Liberation Captital
Jean-Marc Pandraud, Clean Membranes
Maggie Theroux, US EPA

Students interested in joining the MIT Water Club are particularly encouraged to attend.