Two BBL Talks On 9/9/2019 (Speakers: Taichi Uyama, Caltech/IPAC And NExScI; Ore Gothlieb, Tel Aviv University)

Monday September 9, 2019 12:00 pm

Speaker #1: Taichi Uyama (Caltech/IPAC and NExScI)

High-contrast imaging exploration/characterization of young planets

I will briefly review current high-contrast imaging explorations/characterizations around young systems, particularly those with protoplanetary disks. I also introduce my current plans for targeting young star with close-in objects which were detected by radial velocity or transit.


Speaker #2: Ore Gottlieb (Tel Aviv University)

Relativistic outflows in neutron star mergers

Following a double neutron star merger a relativistic jet propagates and interacts with the outflowing ejecta that surrounds the merger. As a result, matter is pushed around the jet to form a hot cocoon which applies pressure on the jet and potentially collimates it. After the jet breaks out from the merger ejecta, the cocoon expands and emits radiation over large angles throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. I will present the different emission mechanisms of the jet-cocoon system from the first seconds to years later and how they compare with the set of observables in GW170817. Then, I will discuss what we expect from future events and what the jet-cocoon emission can tell us about neutron star mergers and beyond.



  • Taichi Uyama, Caltech/IPAC and NExScI
  • Ore Gothlieb, Tel Aviv University