TESS Science Conference I (online Registration Deadline: July 19, 2019 At 11:59PM EDT)

Monday July 29, 2019 8:00 am

The TESS Science Conference I will be the first conference dedicated to TESS mission science, including exoplanets, asteroseismology, stellar binaries, variable stars, Solar System science (e.g., asteroids and comets), extragalactic astronomy (e.g., active galactic nuclei and supernovae), and any other science that can be done with TESS data. The conference will cover all aspects of the mission, from TESS data analysis, through follow-up observations, to the impact of discoveries made with TESS data on theoretical understanding. The conference will take place at the beginning of TESS’s second year of operations when the satellite is scheduled to transition from surveying the Southern ecliptic hemisphere to the Northern ecliptic hemisphere. This will be an auspicious time to bring together experts on all aspects of the mission to discuss the achievements made during the first year, as well as identifying potential improvements and lessons learned to be implemented in the second year. Note that this conference immediately follows the TASC5/KASC12 Workshop, which is hosted at MIT between July 22-26.

The last day of the conference, Friday August 2nd, will be devoted to the Future of Exoplanet Research symposium, sponsored by the Kavli Foundation. It will include short talks and panel discussions focused on far-future-looking aspects of exoplanet research.


See the conference website for complete details.

Event Contact

Local Organizing Committee (email: tsc1@mit.edu)