Structure Across The Star Formation Sequence Over The Last 11 Billion Years (Speaker: Kate Whitaker, GSFC)

Monday November 24, 2014 12:05 pm
Marlar Lounge (37-252)

A wealth of data from deep extragalactic surveys have revealed a picture where star-forming galaxies follow a relatively tight relation between star formation rate and stellar mass.  This observed star formation sequence encapsulates information about feedback, gas density and gas accretion rates over cosmic time.  There also exists a growing population of massive galaxies that are no longer actively forming stars, falling below the observed star formation sequence.  With 3D-HST/WFC3 grism spectroscopy, CANDELS HST photometry, and deep Spitzer/MIPS 24 micron photometry, I will present a self-consistent empirical study of the rest-frame optical structures, stellar populations, and star formation rates of a complete sample of quiescent and star-forming galaxies at 0.5

Host:  Rob Simcoe