Spatial Variations In X-ray Emission From Planetary Nebulae (speaker: Rudy Montez, CfA)

Thursday April 20, 2017 2:00 pm

Hot X-ray emitting plasmas fill the cavity of planetary nebulae that form around sun-like stars during the late stages of their lives. For a period of time, a hotter, low-density, X-ray emitting plasma exists
in close proximity to the cooler, denser, nebular plasma. These plasmas are separated by over two orders of magnitude in temperature and density. The interaction of these plasmas is suggested by trends
in the hot plasma properties but confirmation is muddied by the uncertainty of spatially-dependent conditions in the photon-starved observations. I will describe my efforts to unpack the plasma
conditions of two well-studied planetary nebulae using multiwavelengths observations and a new analysis tool for photon-starved X-ray observations.