SMURF 2023

Friday August 11, 2023 10:30 am


Summer of 2023 – SMURF
The annual event for undergraduates to showcase their research and presentation skills to the MKI community is back!
Your attendance as audience is requested to encourage and support the UROPs.

Contact: Dheeraj Reddy, Katherine Hesse, Nayanika

Marlar Lounge, #37-252/272
August 11th    10.30am – 12.30pm


Hybrid mode: in-person & via zoom
Welcome & Introduction: Dheeraj Pasham & George Ricker
Presentations: (7 mins – 10 mins)    



Using Scattering & Dispersion Measures to Constrain FRB Redshifts Hannah Didehbani Kenzie Nimmo
Constraining Astrometric Limits of Exomoons in the Beta Pictoris System Isabella Macias Supervisor: Andrew Vandenburg
Applying Time Shift Symmetries in Normalizing Flows for Likelihood Free Inference Maanas Goel Deepto Chatterjee & Erik Katsavounidis
Optimal-Sensitivity Homodyne Measurements of Multimode Gaussian States Ben Lou Hudson Loughlin
Estimating the Size Relations for High Redshift Galaxies Jyotika Roychowdhury Mark Vogelsberger, Rahul Kannan, Aaron Smith
Mitigating Radial Velocity Jitter for Sun-line Stars using Neural Networks Naomi McWillaim Andrew Vandenburg, Zoe de Beurs

Catered lunch @ 11.30am



Event Contact

Dheeraj Pasham