Simulating Galaxies In The Reionization Era With Realistic Stellar Feedback (speaker: Xiangcheng Ma, CalTech)

Monday April 24, 2017 12:05 pm
Marlar Lounge 37-252

Galaxies at z>5 are the dominant sources for cosmic reionization, but current knowledge on these galaxies are restricted by the limited data available. JWST and next generation of ground-based telescopes allow us to probe z>5 galaxies in the rest-frame optical at higher resolution via deeper observations. I will present a new suite of high-resolution cosmological zoom-in simulations of z>5 galaxies, using realistic models of the multi-phase ISM, star formation, and stellar feedback from the FIRE project. These simulations form a more realistic sample of model galaxies and can provide useful predictions for future observations. I will show how these galaxies would appear in JWST, and present the prediction of the stellar mass function, and luminosity functions from z=5 to 12. I will also briefly mention the possible follow-up projects using these simulations, including modeling the dust attenuation at these redshifts, possible present-day globular cluster formation channel, Lyman-alpha emission and Lyman continuum escape fractions, so on and so forth.

Host: Paul Torrey