Short GRB 130603B: The First Detection Of A Kilonova? (Speaker: Edo Berger, Harvard)

Tuesday July 9, 2013 1:00 pm
NW22 Conference Room*

Short GRB 130603B:  The first detection of a kilonova?

There is growing evidence that short GRBs result from the merger of compact object binaries (NS-NS/NS-BH).  This allows us to explore the expected electromagnetic counterparts of Advanced LIGO/Virgo gravitational wave sources.  I will describe the basic lines of evidence connecting short GRBs to NS-NS/NS-BH binaries, the implications for EM counterparts of GW sources, and the recent observations of the short GRB 130603B which may represent the first detection of a “kilonova” – the radioactive counterpart of compact object merger.

*Instructions for how to get to building NW22: Please use the front entrance of NW22. As you come in, the door on the right leading to LIGO lab will be unlocked on the days when GRITTS seminar is scheduled in LIGO lab. Please use the stairs to get to the second floor. As you enter interaction area, the conference room 268 will be on your right.

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