MIT Astrophysics Colloquium 4/19/2022 — The Extremes Of Galaxy And Black Hole Formation (speaker: Ryan Hickox, Dartmouth College)

Tuesday April 19, 2022 4:00 pm
in-person for members of the MIT community (Marlar Lounge 37-252/37-272) and via zoom

Abstract: We have recently seen a remarkable convergence in our overall understanding of how galaxies in the Universe form, through the collapse of gas in dark matter halos, and growth through star formation and merging over cosmic time. However, many of the key physical processes, such as gas dynamics, feedback, and the growth and impact of supermassive black holes, are complex and challenging to understand in detail. One observational technique is to study the extremes of galaxy formation where these effects are most pronounced. I will present observational studies of a few of these extreme cases, including compact starbursts driving powerful winds, ultra-diffuse galaxies with extremely low stellar density, and supermassive black holes in low-mass dwarf galaxies, Finally, l will point toward some exciting possibilities with new observing facilities.

Host: Michael McDonald


Event Contact

Debbie Meinbresse