Journal Club Meeting 05/05/2023 — Speakers: Jingyi Wang And Nathan Lourie

Friday May 5, 2023 12:00 pm

Journal Club – Friday, May 5th in Marlar Lounge
lunch at 11:45am; BYOB
attendance limited to MKI community


Jingyi Wang (faculty advisor: Erin Kara)
A shared accretion instability for black holes and neutron stars

Nathan Lourie
What’s going on with WINTER?
After nearly 4 years, we are preparing to ship and commission WINTER, the new infrared camera we have been building on the 5th floor of McNair. WINTER is a wide-field 1×1 deg camera with Y, J, and shortened H-band filters, based on a InGaAs sensors and a custom optical assembly. WINTER will be commissioned on a 1-m robotic telescope to conduct a seeing-limited IR transient survey with a focus on GW follow-up and kilonovae discovery. I’ll show lots of pictures, talk about WINTER’s design, some of the particular instrumentation challenges throughout the build, and the very last steps we’re finishing before it goes in crates.




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