Journal Club Meeting 10/7/2022 — Speakers: Jack Heinzel And Rohan Naidu

Friday October 7, 2022 12:00 pm
limited to MKI community

Journal Club with lunch provided!  Friday, October 7 in Marlar Lounge

lunch set up at 11:45am; bring your own beverage

Jack Heinzel (faculty advisor: Salvo Vitale)
Rohan Naidu
Abstract: One of the last great unknowns in our history of the Universe is when and how the first galaxies emerged after the Big Bang. These galaxies transformed the cosmos —  they illuminated the invisible scaffolding of dark matter that underpins the Universe, they ionized the intergalactic reservoirs of hydrogen, and they synthesized the elements that would one day seed life on Earth. Thanks to JWST, these enigmatic galaxies are finally coming into view. In this talk I will present early JWST results on these systems, and preview upcoming Cycle 1 programs I am leading and involved in. I will describe emerging constraints on the nature of the first galaxies: i) via direct searches for the most distant galaxies, and ii) via archaeological methods.
Note: attendance limited to MKI community


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Debbie Meinbresse