Journal Club “Meet And Greet” 9/11/2020

Friday September 11, 2020 12:00 pm
via Zoom

We will begin the 2020 fall semester of MKI Journal Club on Friday, Sep 11 at noon.

As has become tradition, we will use the first session as a “meet-and-greet”. In the past, this has consisted of everybody presenting 1 slide summarizing their research. However, given the state of things, we think that it is more important to see each others’ faces, rather than research slides. So, instead, we will each take 20-30 seconds to introduce ourselves with video on (if you are comfortable with that).

Please note that this call is restricted to MIT-affiliated folks

See you Friday at 12pm!

– MKI Journal Club Committee

Mike McDonald
Debbie Meinbresse
Sylvia Biscoveanu
Calvin Leung
Christina Eilers
Michael Fausnaugh