IAP: Backyard Astronomy. Hear From Astronomers Whose Profession Is Also Their Hobby (co-sponsored By MKI, MIT EAPS, MIT Wallace Astrophysical Observatory)

Monday January 25, 2021 2:00 pm
via Zoom

Gabor Furesz, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Kavli Institute; Michael Person, Director, Wallace Astrophysical Observatory (WAO); Research Scientist, EAPS; Tim Brothers, Observatory Site Manager, Wallace Astrophysical Observatory (WAO); Technical Instructor, EAPS; Ricky Leiserson, IT Desktop Support Specialist, MIT Kavli Institute

Want to learn how to get started with backyard astronomy? This activity will provide a basic introduction to amateur astronomy. The speakers will take you on a virtual tour and point out what we can see from different locations (from cities to rural areas) and how best to experience the wonders of the Universe firsthand. Did you see Comet NEOWISE or the Grand Conjuntion in 2020? We will tell you what events to look for during 2021. We will cover basic equipment to get you started with exploring the night sky and expectations about what you will be able to see. We will also provide telescope recommendations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level observing. You will learn about resources and how to connect with local amateur astronomy groups. Learn about astrophotography and the equipment you will need to photograph the night sky.

Attendees can submit questions in advance (email meinbres@mit.edu) or ask them during the Q&A period following the presentations.

Zoom meeting #987 4653 3496 (password 710484)

See also our January 28th IAP activity on Virtual Solar Observing and Astrophotography “Show & Tell” slide show. Attendees are encouraged to submit one of their own photos of the night sky or observing equipment, to show and tell its brief story! Images should be submitted to Tim Brothers (bro@mit.edu) who will create a slideshow from photo submissions. Please include your name with your photo. People who submit a photo will be given a minute to briefly describe their image. Images need to be submitted by noon, January 27 to be included in the slideshow.

Image credits: Gabor Furesz (left and immediately below); Paul Hsi (cover photo, bottom left and bottom right)


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Debbie Meinbresse