Fall 2022 MIT Astrophysics Colloquia Begins

Tuesday September 13, 2022 4:00 pm

Fall 2022 MIT Astrophysics Colloquia

September 13
Charlie Conroy, Harvard CfA
Assembling Our Galaxy
Host: Lina Necib

September 20
Rosanne Di Stefano, Harvard CfA
From Planets to Black Holes: Events of Short Duration in X-Ray Data
Host: Andrew Vanderburg

September 27
Jane Huang, University of Michigan
Observational Insights into the Natal Environments of Planets
Host: Andrew Vanderburg

October 4
Kevin Huffenberger, Florida State University
Title: Physics from the Cosmic Microwave Background and the road to CMB-S4
Host: Zhilei Xu

October 11
Nikole Lewis, Cornell
Title: Exoplanet Atmospheres in High Definition
Host: Sara Seager

October 18
Sanchayeeta Borthakur, Arizona State University
Exploring Pathways that Feed Galaxies
Host: Rob Simcoe

October 25
Laura Sales, University of California, Riverside
Title: Baryonic solutions and challenges for cosmological models of dwarf galaxies
Host: Lina Necib

November 1 (virtual visit)
Greg Mosby, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
The H4RG-10 Detectors of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
Host: Gabor Furesz

November 8
Ting Li, University of Toronto
The Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey: Overview and Latest Science Result
Host: Rob Simcoe

November 15      
Joseph Rodriguez,
Understanding Planetary Evolution with TESS
Host: Andrew Vanderburg

November 22 (virtual visit)
Phil Uttley, University of Amsterdam
Title: TBA
Host: to be confirmed

November 29  
Frank van den Bosch, Yale
New Insight into Cosmology and the Galaxy-Halo Connection from Non-Linear Scales
Host: Paul Schechter

December 6
Ji Wang, Ohio State University
A Collage of Exoplanets on the Mass-Period Diagram
Host: Sarah Millholland

December 13
Ilaria Caiazzo, CalTech
Ultra-massive, merger remnants, double-faced: studying exotic white dwarfs with ZTF and Gaia
Host: Kevin Burdge

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