Astrophysics Colloquium 9/17/2019 — The Future Of Exoplanet Discovery (Speaker: Joshua Pepper, Lehigh University; Visiting Scientist, MIT/MKI))

Tuesday September 17, 2019 4:00 pm

Are we drowning in exoplanets, or have we barely begun to discover them?  What do we currently understand about the broad exoplanet population? With hundreds to thousands of new transit candidates coming from the TESS and Gaia missions, and major new populations to be discovered by WFIRST and direct imaging surveys, things are starting to get interesting.  In this talk, I will describe the current and future landscape of exoplanet discovery.  In ten years, the exoplanet field will be both shockingly different and strangely similar to the current situation.


Host: Alan Levine



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