A New Era Of Compact Objects (speaker: Feryal Ozel, University Of Arizona)

Tuesday September 13, 2016 4:00 pm
36-428 (Please note location!)

The location for this talk is MIT 36-428.

Refreshments at 3:45pm, talk begins at 4:00pm

The discovery of many diverse populations of neutron stars and black holes is happening at an accelerating rate. The computational advances in calculating the properties of these compact objects, their multiwavelength observations, and the new avenues of studying them with gravitational waves have led to a new understanding of their formation, evolution, and of the fundamental physics that shapes their characteristics. In this talk, I will describe these parallel advances and show how this multi-faceted approach helps pin down our understanding of the evolution of massive stars, supernova explosions, and coalescing compact objects.

Host:  Deepto Chakrabarty