Evans, Barsotti And Harlow Win 2019 Breakthrough New Horizons Prizes

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
by Anne Trafton

Physics researchers win New Horizons in Physics Prize

MIT News Office | Anne Trafton
October 17, 2018

Three MIT physics researchers will receive the $100,000 New Horizons in Physics Prize, awarded to promising junior researchers who have already produced important work.

Lisa Barsotti, a principal research scientist at MIT’s Kavli Institute, and Matthew Evans, an MIT associate professor of physics, will share the prize with Rana Adhikari of Caltech for their work on ground-based detectors of gravitational waves. Daniel Harlow, an MIT assistant professor of physics, will share the prize with Daniel Jafferis of Harvard University and Aron Wall of Stanford University for their work generating fundamental insights about quantum information, quantum field theory, and gravity. [Full article]