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SLgif: The GIF Module for S-Lang
Version: 0.5.2

SLgif is an extension module for S-Lang which provides a high-level interface to the GIF file format, supporting the easy creation of S-Lang arrays from GIF files and vice versa. One of the most useful features of the module is that it provides a lightweight mechanism for reading and writing frames of images as movie-like animations, in vectorized fashion: multiple image frames may be written to, or read from, a GIF file in a single call. Click here to see how this feature might be used to yield an interesting scientific presentation.

This feature is used in the imdisplay visualization tool bundled with SLgtk. Low-level I/O is handled internally through bindings to GIFSICLE , much of which may be called directly from SLgif, although most users should only need the gif_read() and gif_write() functions.


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