SLgtk Module Download Page


SLgtk stands at version 0.7.6 and is available as source code from here.

Building from source is the recommended way of installing SLgtk, given the the wide availability of Gtk. Gtk is bundled with most modern Unix/Linux distributions, and is easily installed for Mac OS/X through MacPorts (recommended) or Fink, and for Windows through Cygwin. Once S-Lang and Gtk are installed on your system, building SLgtk from source should take only a few minutes.

Although binaries are available for older versions of SLgtk, as of November 2009 they are no longer being updated as newer versions of SLgtk are released. The existing binaries may not be compatible with newer operating system or compiler versions, and are therefore recommended only if you are running an older system for which a binary distribution of Gtk is not readily available. The SLgtk binaries may be downloaded from here. They allow users to avoid the potentially difficult task of compiling Gtk and its myriad dependencies from scratch, but no longer reflect the latest version of the SLgtk source.

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