Contributing code or documentationΒΆ

marx is developed by the MIT/CXC group and made available under the GPL v2 license in source code form. The latest release can be found at distribution.

The developers use the git version control system and host the code on github. We welcome pull requests through github for all apects of the marx software, which includes the following repositories:

  • : marx source code. Building the source code has only minimal requirements (a C compiler and GNU autotools).

  • : This keeps the source code for the documentation. The documentation is written using Sphinx and requires a number of packages to be build:

    • python, sphinx, matplotlib, pygments: for text and figures

    • marx, CIAO, ISIS, Sherpa, and SAOTrace to run the examples and generate the associated figures. (The documentation can be build without this, but it will be missing all figures in the examples.)

  • : Tests that either run a long time or have extra dependencies beyond marx itself (e.g. CIAO) are collected in this repository.