(2002.03.05, dph)

More thermal plasma simulation examples:

  • Definition of a multi-thermal plasma, creation of fake spectrum by folding through the HETGS response; folding by ACIS-I response; fitting line-groups in a faked spectrum by convolving unresolved Gaussians by the response.
    (example plot). (another).

(2001.10.30, dph)
Thermal Plasma Continuum-Simulation Example: comparison of true to fit continuum, to apparent continuum. (example).

(2001.10.28, dph)
Smooth data, or rebin? Here's a smooth-plot function (example).

(2001.10.24, dph)
Fit or simulate a thermal emission model (like this).

(2001.10.23, dph)
Fit continuum thermal emission model to "line-free" spectral regions (like this).

(2001.10.16, dph)
Make a summary plot of the spectrum in an HETGS or LETGS PHA Type II file (like this).

(2001.10.17, dph)
Fourier smoothing, by a Gaussian kernel.

Shift an array, by a fractional pixel amount (via FFT phase shift).

Both of these require a Hanning filter to window the array.

pick_el.sl takes a line index list (as from "brightest()") and allows you to sub-select elements and ions from it. (See the commentary on why you might want to.)