TGCat - Example of Summary Plots


Example summary Plots from the processing scripts

These plots are for ObsID 16, AB Dor, a coronally active star.

1: Counts spectrum 2: Flux spectrum 3: Flux spectrum (continued) 4: Light curve

5: Central field images 6: Full field image 7: Spectral coordinates image 8: Order sorting image

  1. Counts Spectrum for MEG (top) and HEG (bottom), combined first orders.
  2. Flux spectrum, combined HEG and MEG first orders. Top panel is broad band, following panels are narrow spectral regions.
  3. Flux spectrum (continued)
  4. Light curve of dispersed photons. Top is source region, middle is background region (usually negligible for HETGS), and bottom is net rate.
  5. Central field images in sky coordinates (north up, east left), zooming out in factors of 2.
  6. Full field image in rotated sky coordinates.
  7. Spectral coordinates image; top is HEG, bottom is MEG; -1 order on the left, +1 on the right.
  8. Order sorting image; top is HEG, bottom is MEG. Left is as-order-sorted by the CALDB order-sorting table (osip), and right shows all photons for the source region. (Sometimes CTI or gain calibration is poor, and this is to see if we clipped the spectrum).

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