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Current Undergraduate Students

For complete information about undergraduate programs, including first-year subjects, major and minor degree requirements, senior thesis, and UROP
(MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program), please refer to the Department of Physics. See also:

Current Graduate Students

For complete information about graduate programs, please refer to the Department of Physics.
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Related Degree Programs

MIT Kavli Institute is an interdisciplinary research center and hosts the research of graduate students from different departments.  Admission to these graduate programs is through these departments.  Most of our students are in the Physics degree program, but students come from others departments, including:

Research Fellowships

  • External: Graduate Fellowships
  • Internal: The Kavli Graduate Fellowship is awarded through an internal process to a graduate student whose research is in the MIT Kavli Institute, and who is affiliated with an MKI faculty member. Contact Jack Defandorf for additional information.


Top row:
Image (left): MIT Physics graduate student Nicholas Demos (left) shows a LIGO mirror-testing apparatus to Satoshi Tanioka, a visiting student from Sokendai University.
(Credit: Photo courtesy of the researchers.)

Image (center): MIT Physics graduate student Danielle Frostig awaits the lifting of travel restrictions to mount an astronomical instrument she helped develop on the Magellan Telescope in Las Campanas, Chile.
Credits: (Credit: Photo courtesy of Danielle Frostig)

Image (right): MIT Mechanical Engineering graduate student Mallory Whalen measuring the optical properties of a CAT grating inside a temperature-controlled cleanroom enclosure at MKI’s Space Nanotechnology Laboratory (SNL). (Credit: Mallory Whalen)

Second row:
Image (left): MIT Sidewalk Astrogazers doing outreach on Main Street in Kendall Square.
(Credit: MIT Sidewalk Astrogazers)

Image (right): Faculty member Michael McDonald (center) with astrograds Michael Calzadilla (left) and Stephanie O’Neil (right) at an MIT Warrior Scholar event held at the MIT Samberg Center.