Suzaku, Courtesy JAXA

X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS)
Instrument Monitoring

CCD Performance Monitoring

Cal Source Monitoring   Using information from the Fe55 calibration source regions, we track the gain, spectral resolution, hot pixels, and CTI indicators. SCI-off and SCI-on data are monitored separately. These data have not processed by the calibration software.
Monthly Cal Source Spectra   Spectra of integrated monthly Fe55 cal source data, by sensor and SCI setting.

Instrument Health Monitoring

Instrument HK Monitoring   Tracking of the CCD temperature, baseplate temperature, and TEC voltage.
CCD Temperature Anomalies   Summary of anomalous temperature excursions for each detector.

Contamination Monitoring

Point Source Monitoring   Tracking the on-axis OBF contamination with regular observations of soft point sources (primarily E0102).
Bright Earth Monitoring   Tracking the spatial dependence of the OBF contamination with monthly integrated observations of the sun-lit Earth, which emits field-filling O and N emission lines.

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