View Options - Specials

View: Options > View Options - Specials

Set special view options with this dialog.

Shading frame

Smooth shading: Interpolates the surface color between adjacent patches.

Silhouettes for splines: Shows more outlines in the wire frame view of spline surfaces. This option is turned off by default, because it is faster especially for complex splines.


Draw surface facets' outline: Draws the outline of the patches.

Backface culling: Avoids the drawing of the back faces.

Dotted picked faces: Show picked faces with dots instead of a uniform color.


Specular lighting: Enables specular lighting.

Shape selection frame

Transparent: Draws the shapes which are currently not selected with transparent surfaces.

Transparency Slider: This slider determines the transparency of unselected shapes (if Shape selection > Transparent is checked). Note that an heuristic is applied to the specified value to let projects with more shapes have more transparency automatically.

Hover selection: Shows a thin outline of a marked solid. Can be used for a better overview of the model and for a better selecting of solids. There are two possibilities of using this feature. The first one is in the Navigation Tree, if the mouse cursor is moved over the solid names, the accordant shape is marked in the view. The second one is in the modelling view or mesh view, if the mouse is moved over a shape during the Alt or Alt-Gr button is pressed, this shape will be marked. If there are more than one shape at the actual mouse position, a message to inform you how much shapes are existing there will appear. A better selection of shapes can be done in the following way. Move the mouse on the shape you want to select, if there are more than one shape at this position you can cycle through the shapes by pressing the Tab button, if the desired shape is marked you can double click in order to select this shape.

Rendering speed frame

Fast rotation: Switches to wire frame mode during rotation.

Animate view: If the view changes the transitions between the different views will be animated. You can disable this option for higher performance on slower machines.

Vector result default plot frame

Arrows: Use Arrow plot as default plot for 2D/3D vector results.

Contour: Use Contour plot as default plot for 2D/3D vector results.



Takes the current settings, refreshes the plot window and closes the dialog box.


Closes this dialog box without performing any further action.


Takes the current settings and refreshes the plot window. Use this button to try out different settings. The old settings will be restored if you leave the dialog box by using the Cancel button.


Shows this help text.

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