Rotate Profile Dialog

Modeling: Shapes > Extrusions > Rotate

Rotate a profile defined by points in the working plane. With this function you may create circles or helixes with a given profile.


Specify the name of the new shape to be created by the extrude action.

Axis X/Y/Z or U/V/W

Select here the axis, around which the profile should be rotated.

Start angle

Specify the angle in degrees at which the new shape shall start.


Specify the angle in degrees by which the profile shall be rotated.


To receive a helix you can specify the height of the helix.

Radius ratio

To create a helix with a changing radius. You can specify the ratio between start and end radius.

Segments per turn

The rotation will be done split up in the defined number of segments.

Points frame

In this frame you can edit, insert or delete points in your profile. You may already have defined points in the Rotate Mode.

X (Y/Z), Y(Z/X) or U (V/W), V (W/U)

In these fields you may edit a point or enter the coordinates for a new inserted point.

Relative to previous

Check here, if you want to enter the point coordinate relatively to the previous entered point.


Inserts a new point to the list at the current above the point selected in the list. Enter it’s coordinate in the X (Y/Z), Y(Z/X) or U (V/W), V (W/U) fields.


Deletes the point currently selected in the list.

Import / Export

Press this button to get  Load From... and Save As... options.

Load From...

Opens a file selector dialog to specify a two column ASCII file containing point coordinates X,Y or U,V. The separator of the columns can be space,tab,comma or semicolon.

Save As...

Opens a file save dialog to save point  coordinates to a  two column ASCII  file.


Deletes all points.


Choose a new component from the select list. You can also create a new component by typing the name of the new component.


Select the material to which this shape will be assigned from the list of previously defined materials or create a new material by selecting [New Material...]. You can also load a material from the material library by selecting [Load from Material Library...].


Press this button to finally create the shape.


Press this button to create a preview image of the new shape. This option is very useful to check the settings before you actually create the shape.


Closes this dialog box without performing any further action.


Shows this help text.

See also

Brick, Sphere, Cylinder, Elliptical cylinder, Cone, Torus, Extrude Profile, Extrude Face, Rotate Profile, Loft, Shell, Coordinate systems, Transform.