Rotate Face Dialog

Modeling: Shapes > Extrusions > Rotate

Rotate a picked face around a picked edge. With this function you may create circles or helixes with the picked face as profile.

After you have created a new shape by rotation, the Shape Intersection Dialog box will open. There you may add the rotated shape to the original shape from which you picked the face.

If you have picked a face which can not be rotated, or when you have not picked any face, you will get to the Rotate Profile Dialog box.


Specify the name of the new shape to be created by the rotate action.


Specify the angle in degree by which the face shall be rotated.


To receive a helix you can specify the height of the helix.

Radius Ratio

This parameter influences the radius of the helix (height must be greater zero) depending on the height. You can set the ratio between the radius of the end point and the starting point in order to design a conical helix. If it is 1.0 the radius is constant over the height of the helix.

Segments per turn

This parameter influences the number of linear shape sections which are assumed for one turn. This option is useful if the analytical description (Segments per turn = 0) of the turn is not necessary to reach the desired accuracy. In this case a segmented approximation is the faster way (you can get sufficient results for most cases with 10 Segments per turn).

Cut End Off

Checking this will cause the rotation to behave slightly differently: the normal of the endcap will then coincide with the outgoing direction of the helix curve at that point. Depending on the other parameters checking this feature may cause the rotate operation to fail which will result in an error message.


The three pictures below illustrate the results for different construction parameters.



Segments per Turn : 0

Radius Ratio : 1.0


Segments per Turn : 10

Radius Ratio : 1.0


Segments per Turn : 0

Radius Ratio : 10





Choose a new component from the select list. You can also create a new component by typing the name of the new component.


Select the material to which this shape will be assigned from the list of previously defined materials or create a new material by selecting [New Material...]. You can also load a material from the material library by selecting [Load from Material Library...].


Press this button to finally create the shape.


Press this button to create a preview image of the new shape. This option is very useful to check the settings before you actually create the shape.


Closes this dialog box without performing any further action.


Shows this help text.

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