Modeling: Shapes > Extrusions > Loft

Connect two picked faces. With this function you may create a shape which connects two selected faces. The new shape’s profile will morph from the first picked face into the second. Thus you can i.e. connect a cube with a cylinder more or less smoothly, depending on the smoothness setting.

After you have created a new shape with loft, the Shape Intersection Dialog box will open. There you may add the loft shape to one or both of the original shapes from which you picked the two faces.


Specify the name of the new shape created by the loft action.

Minimize twist

Check this option to automatically minimize the twisting of the resulting shape.


Set the smoothness for the loft operation. Note that loft is a very complex operation which uses splines to describe the created surfaces. If you do not really need a high smoothness, we recommend to use a low setting.


Choose a new component from the select list. You can also create a new component by typing the name of the new component.


Select the material to which this shape will be assigned from the list of previously defined materials or create a new material by selecting [New Material...]. You can also load a material from the material library by selecting [Load from Material Library...].


Press this button to finally create the shape.


Press this button to create a preview image of the new shape. This option is very useful to check the settings before you actually create the shape.


Closes this dialog box without performing any further action.


Shows this help text.

See also

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