Cover Planar Curve

Modeling: Shapes > Cover Curve

In this dialog box you can cover a previously selected planar curve with a sheet in order to create a shape from a curve. The created shape is a single face and thus not a valid solid.

After selecting the corresponding ribbon control an interactive mode will be entered in which a curve needs to be selected. This curve will then be used for the creation of the new shape.

As soon as the shape is defined it will appear in the main plot window and beneath the associated component in the Navigation Tree

The picture below shows the shape created by covering a rectangle:




Specify the unique name for the solid.


This field shows the name of the currently selected curve. This field is for your information only and can not be edited.

Delete curve

Uncheck this option to prevent the curve that is being covered from being consumed by the cover operation. If this option is checked, the curve will be removed from the scene.


Choose a new component from the select list. You can also create a new component by typing the name of the new component.


Select the material to which this shape will be assigned from the list of previously defined materials or create a new material by selecting [New Material...]. You can also load a material from the material library by selecting [Load from Material Library...].


Press this button to finally create the shape.


Press this button to create a preview image of the shape. This option is very useful to check the settings before you actually create the shape.


Closes this dialog box without performing any further action.


Shows this help text.

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