cst.eda package


cst.eda.total_radiated_power module

class cst.eda.total_radiated_power.Input
far_end_pin_names = None

Pin names each to be terminated with reference load (50 Ohm) Example: [(‘U2’,‘1’), (‘U2’,‘2’)]

frequency_samples = None

A list of frequency points specifying the frequency points at which field monitors will be defined

frequency_unit = 'GHz'

The frequency unit to be used in the project (default: ‘GHz’)

ground_nets = None

A list of net names to be considered as GROUND nets

input_dir = ''

The directory containing the input data

length_unit = 'mm'

The length unit to be used in the project (dfault: ‘mm’)

near_end_pin_names = None

Pin names to be excited as a common-mode excitation Example: [(‘U1’,‘1’), (‘U1’,‘2’)]

pcb_file = ''

The CAD-file containing the PCB-Design which should lie in the directory given by input_dir

power_nets = None

A list of net names to be considered as POWER nets

result_dir = ''

The directory to be used to generate the output data

run = False

Starts the solver automatically when True.

The total_radiated_power module offers a simplified interface for setting up a Total Radiated Power simulation starting from a single pcb CAD-file.

cst.eda.total_radiated_power.simulate(trp_setup: cst.eda.total_radiated_power.Input)

Takes the setup as given by trp_setup of type Input and sets up a cst project ready for simulating the total radiated power.

cst.eda.pcb_api module

class cst.eda.pcb_api.PCB(filename)

Provides an interface to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) based on CST ldb files.