mosaic image
Mosaic image assembled by CXC from 82 Al-K-TMA-TOGA-HSI exposures extending over +/- 50 mm about zero-order. The LEG spectrum is roughly horizontal and goes out to +/-10th orders. Besides the prominent Al-K line (1.486 keV), the broad Carbon K line (0.277 keV) can be seen as an orange smudge just after the LEG 5th order of Al-K. Jeff K points out that O-K (0.523 keV) is seen just inside of the Al-K third order. The MEG spectrum, with about 2.5 times the dispersion of the LEG, runs from lower left to upper right. The HEG spectrum has about 5 times the LEG dispersion and runs from upper left to lower right. The K-alpha and K-beta are well separated in the HEG 1st order and in the HEG 2nd order a high-energy satellite line (seen also in XMM testing) is visible at a distance of dE/E about 1/150 from the K-alpha line. Histograms of the MEG 3rd order and HEG 2nd order probe the Al-K line and/or the instrument performance.
[Created with IDL using Dave H's make_image and Eos B color map.]