Gratings at XRCF

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What's happening at XRCF?! [HOTLINE: 205-544-8221]

Phase 2 Calibration

Phase 2G Calibration (HRC, ACIS-2C)

Phase 2F Calibration (ACIS-2C)

Phase 1 Calibration

Grating Performance and Calibration

? Grating Calibration In preparation for XRCF Calibration review Nov.13-15, 1996.

Grating Mysteries! Ideally our models predict XRCF measurements and the data are boring confirmations of the models. In reality there are MORE surprises...

? Rehearsal Images, Simulations, and Notes Re-live the XRCF first light! Remember what ACIS-2C images are like!

HETG hardware at XRCF
An Ultra, zalgar, connected to the ASC data system network is on the HETG 3rd floor desk. In Pinky and the Brain the alien character Zalgar tells Brain "Through clever use of e-mail I've lured you here to eat your cerebrum."

HETG also has provided an IPX ( w/9Gb drive and DAT. This system is attached to the internet to allow out-of-XRCF communication. It was setup at MIT by our guru (and photographer!) Kenton.

XRCF floor plan

FedEx to XRCF
FedEx, etc. will deliver to :
   Bruce Wyshak
   Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
   Building 4718 Room 300
   Marshall Space Flight Center
   Huntsville, AL, 35812

Communicating with XRCF:

HETG Desk phone                        205 544-9235
ASC Cal 3rd flr                        205 544-0108
Other 3rd flr phone                    205 544-0182
FAX on 3rd floor                       205 544-7258
Bruce Wyshak (ASC 3rd flr guru)        205 544-0062
SAO on 2nd floor                       205 961-4458
XSS Source building  (Galen et al.)    205 961-4467
- - -
Ann Pigg (SAO @ MSFC expert!)
         (arranges security briefing)  205 544-0570
Jay Carpenter, XRCF security           205 544-1313
- - -
local address: 6200 Rime Village
               Huntsville, AL          205 971-1881

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