Zeroth-order 1D FWHM vs Time, 31 August 2010

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The FWHM of the 1D projection of the zeroth-order "trailed image" (streak) for HETGS observations is extended through much of 2010. The FWHM has remains stable.

For the plot shown here the data were reprocessed with NO PIXEL RANDOMIZATION by the nominal TGCat routines, using energies below 4 keV in general and below 3 keV for the brightest high-energy sources, e.g., GX 13+1.

The measured FWHM values, black diamond symbols, are plotted here with 1-sigma error bars indicated (light blue.)
The Chandra observation id for the points are listed on the plot in green.

[ also available as postscript or pdf versions. ]

Software and Data File

The streak width was measured using the streak events as selected in the beginning portion of the TGCat routine. The new routine was created and appended to and put into . The actual fitting of datasets is done in; see its comments for some information. The resulting FWHM and error values are put in a data file, focus_trends_v2_100831.dat . Finally the FWHM-vs-time plot shown here is made with from the data file.

The plot below shows an example of the streak fitting: note that the streak events' X values in pixels have been offset to 15.0 "A" for fitting purposes. Since the goal is to fit the "core Gaussian", the fit range is limited to +/- 2 pixels; the residuals show a characteristic signature of the slight difference of the real PSF and a Gaussian.

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