HETG, LETG - ACIS-S Gaps Tables, Nov.'99

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The IDL procedure hetgs_gaps.pro was updated and new HETGS and LETG-ACIS-S gap tables created. Note that the offsets in these tables have a sign such that positive corresponds to a motion of the zeroth-order image in the from-S2-towards-S3 direction.

These gap values are based on an effective gap size of 0.502 mm, corresponding to 10 arc seconds on the sky. It is ``effective'' in the sense that the gap includes columns 1 and 1024 of the devices from which no events are reported. This single value is approximate and accurate to about 2 pixels. The actual gap sizes vary slightly; the precise values of the ACIS-S chip geometry are given in the CXCDS file pix_corner_lsi.par and will be incorporated in MARX version 2.50.

All HETGS observations are nominally dithered with an amplitude of +/- 8 arc seconds in the spacecraft Y (dispersion) direction. There will thus be reduced coverage in the spectral regions within one gap-width on either side of the gaps.

Finally, because the target may be acquired up to +/- 20 arc seconds from the nominal aim point, it is best to try to avoid placing known features of interest within three gap widths of the tabulated gap edges.

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