Chandra HETG

HETG Principal Investigator: Prof. Claude R. Canizares

E0102 spectrum image

E0102 model spectrum

Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG)

HETG Technical Notes

This page provides a list of technical notes related to HETG in-flight performance and operation.
[ ] Issues being worked are indicated as well.

See also the CXC Instruments and Calibration HETG web pages.

Note: The items linked here are all dated and may be superceded by more recent results and analyses.

Line Response Function, E/dE, wings, scatter

Focus Trends Monitoring, "HRMA" FWHM

Wavelength Accuracy, ACIS-S Chip Gaps

Dispersion Angles

Effective Area

ACIS PHA: Order Sorting, CTI effects

ACIS Pileup: Effect on Dispersed Spectra

Cross-Dispersion Profile


Radiation Effects


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