Calibration Interface Products (CIPs)

Created by ardstat2html, Thu May 4 13:58:59 2000

Manual edit for coreN0002.rdb file, 10/11/2000 dd
Manual edit for N0003 versions of HEG sector tables, 5/30/02 dd
Manual edit for N0003 versions of MEG sector tables, 9/2/02 dd
Manual edit for N0004 version of 'period' file, 11/10/04 dd
Manual edit for N0005 version of efficiency files in CALDB 3.2.1. 3/8/06 dd

Source file = ~dd/idl/caldb/ard_stat.rdb

(index) INSTRUME



CIP Dir $CALDBaxafcal/

CIP Filename(s)
0 HETG Radii hetg/cip/
1 HETG Periods and dp/p hetg/cip/
2 HETG Angles and rms Roll hetg/cip/
3 HETG Sector Files hetg/cip/
4 HETG Rowland Spacing, OTG_node hetg/cip/
5 HETG Optical Constants hetg/fcp/
6 HETG Grating Efficiency hetg/cip/
Dec.'05: N0005 version in CALDB_v3.2.1, file:

7 HETG Resolving Power, E/dE hetg/cip/
8 HETG Response Matrix hetg/docs/
9 HETG Effective Area, arf hetg/docs/
10 HETG LRF hetg/docs/

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Header from this file:
#filename:	ard_stat.rdb
# rdb file to keep track of ARD progress...
# -------------------
# 1999-01-09 dd Created Initial version:
#  - Include all of Joy Nichols Calibration Products
# 1999-01-11 dd
#  - start to Include information on the files Arnold has ICD references for.
#    and that are in the ICDs
# 1999-01-12-10:30am All ARDs specified in Ref.s 1,2, and 3 included.
# 1999-01-12-12:30pm dd Add Aspect Reconstruction Blur 
#                       and pix_lib par file ref.s 
# 1999-01-12-01:40pm dd Add MARX ARD needs as well.
# 1999-01-14-01:40pm dd Add Dave's "Spectral Models", ICD ref 2-9 as
#                       INSTRUME = ASTROSRC; this and ACIS Bias are
#                       "Not Stored in CALDB".
# 1999-01-14-03:30pm dd Dave H has an ARD! (HRMA area), update info on it;
#                       make "green" ARD and CIP files live links to
#                       web copy of MIT's CALDB, make non-specific CALDB
#                       filenames "red" (hence no link).
# 1999-01-23-20:00 dd Add acis gain CIP, add HRC N0001 CIPs.
# 1999-01-23-21:00 dd Add HETG & LETG optical constants file, HETG & LETG
#                       core and peroid files.
# 1999-01-26-11:00 dd Add Dave's two grating efficiency ARDs.
# 1999-01-28-13:45 dd Add 'basicNnext file links for HETG, HRMA, and LETG
#                     (these are in-development versions of the next basic
#                      files to be released.), add marxsector files for HETG.
# 1999-01-29-11:25 dd Add GeomArea to hrma-basic for dph... and remove
#                      "HRMA efficiency" as not needed.
# 1999-02-04-01:25 dd Create HRC and ACIS "basicNnext" files...
# 1999-02-04-16:10 dd Started making modifications based on Joy's inputs
#                     (mostly adding "R4CNAME" values...)
# 1999-02-05-10:25 dd ... ACIS and HRC updated ...
# 1999-02-05-11:40 dd ... LETG and HETG updated ...
# 1999-02-05-12:07 dd Finished modifications due to Joy's inputs.
# 1999-02-05-12:35 dd oops, added HRMA_*_sm.fits files and psfsize.fits
# 1999-02-12-16:05 dd Add D.Davis for LRF items; fill in some "VALSRC" columns
# 1999-02-19-10:20 dd Add "Effective Area, arf" for all 4 instruments as ARD used
#                     by XSPEC, ASCFit, PIMMS; add hetg/fcp/Tbl_AO1 area files.
# 1999-02-20-12:00 dd Add "hc" to the ARDs
# 1999-02-24-14:00 dd Add acis gain ARD.
# 1999-02-26-19:05 dd Add stuff for Joel: 'N0002 acis gain and ARDs from it.
# 1999-02-27-10:25 dd Add ECD files from Steven B and AO-1 rmfs.
# 1999-03-04-14:00 dd Add grade system CIP and ARD from Joel.
# 1999-03-05-09:15 dd Add the AO-1 arf's and rmf's for HEG, MEG (to 
#                         Cal area: CALDBhetgcal/fcp/ )
# 1999-03-12-13:50 dd Add acis/badpix; update for new dph ARD ICD
# 1999-03-16-12:40 dd Add XRCF CIP data files...
# 1999-03-19-09:00 dd Add ACIS and HRC mean QE ARDs from dph.
# 1999-03-22-11:11 dd Add Diab's off-axis simulation file to HRMA cal area
# 1999-03-22-15:15 dd Add ACIS "898" QE and filter products to acis/fcp
# 1999-03-23-14:40 dd Add ACIS "qeobfN0002" products to acis/cip from CXC web.
# 1999-04-01-11:30 dd Add 3 HRMA ARDs from dph.
# 1999-04-23-11:40 dd Add hsi_qe_N19990423.rdb and hsi_uvis_N19980529.rdb 
# 1999-05-11-10:30 dd Add DCM and HIREFS products from PS.
# 1999-05-11-10:30 dd Add HRMA 'N0004 effective areas from TS/MST.
# 1999-06-02-11:00 dd Update HSI QE to 990530 version.
# 1999-06-15-11:59 dd Add ACIS BI uniformity lab measurements FITS files
# 1999-06-26-11:45 dd Update CMDB to '990625 version.
# 1999-07-17-17:00 dd pre-launch HETG, LETG spacings and efficiencies;
#                     new HRMA focal lengths, spacing, node location;
#                     990510 optical constants for gratings.
# 1999-07-19-12:30 dd Add HRC Web Dir link for CIPs
# 1999-07-28-14:30 dd Add acisD1997-04-17tdetoffN0001.rdb
# 1999-08-02-10:30 dd Add letgD...greffpr001N0003.rdb ...
# 1999-09-10-14:30 dd Add 'N0003 HETG period file.
# 2000-05-04-10:45 dd Add E/dE tables for HETG; change LETG,HETG effics to N0004;
#                     show only the 990510 gold constants.
# -------------------