Scatter Theory and Analysis

Scatter Theory and Analysis

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Results and Discussion

NEW SPIE paper on HEG scatter: Scattering Model (1.6 Mb .ps)

(Updated 10/21/97 dd)

The HEG scatter is one of the few surprises from the HETG at XRCF. The size of the scatter is small enough that for most purposes it is a curiosity more than a crucial ingredient in HETG data analysis. The state of scatter analysis is shown by the plot below (.ps version) and these reduced, normalized 1.775 keV data are available in an .rdb format file.

The "grating mystery" section here summarizes the history of this phenomenon.

#4 HEG scatter at 1.775 keV - Case almost Closed

Herman's scattering test (monochromator with W line) shows scatter along the dispersion direction, possibly concentrated in two peaks (containing 0.5 % of the line flux?) to either side of the (cusp-occulted) main line. What's the origin of these scattered photons?

TOGA-HEG scatter seen in XRCF Phase 1 rehearsal

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