HETE-2 Pre-Launch Pictures

Click on images for larger versions (about 50 kbytes apiece)

October 7, 2000: The Pegasus rocket Renee is waiting patiently for launch...

October 2, 2000: The Pegasus rocket Renee , mounted to the Orbital Stargazer : the payload end is covered with plastic and is continuously purged with dry nitrogen gas to keep the payload humidity low.

October 1, 2000: The Orbital Carrier Aircraft (OCA) landing at Kwajalein Missile Range with the Pegasus rocket Renee strapped below. (HETE's in the rocket, trust us).

September 21, 2000: The HETE-2 rocket is on the trailer and ready to be wheeled to the Orbital aircraft.

September 20, 2000: The Pegasus rocket fairing (nose cone) has been installed, and conditioned air is being fed in.

September 18, 2000: Bonus picture! The Pegasus fairing being installed.

September 15, 2000: Bonus picture! Two views of HETE-2 (unbagged) on the rocket

September 13, 2000: A nearby fire has made things interesting...

September 11, 2000: HETE-2 (bagged for cleanliness) on the Pegasus rocket!

September 9, 2000: Pre-mate check of HETE-2 hardware

September 8, 2000: Pre-mate work on the HETE-2 rocket

September 7, 2000: Post-shipment testing of the HETE solar panels

September 6, 2000: HETE-2 arrives at Vandenberg Air Force Base