Woods Hole 2001

Woods Hole 2001

Gamma-Ray Burst and Afterglow Astronomy 2001:
A Workshop Celebrating the First Year of the HETE Mission

Woods Hole, Massachusetts
5-9 November 2001


The Woods Hole proceedings will be published by AIP. All manuscript deadlines have now passed. The manuscripts received are now being reviewed before submission to AIP for publication.

Each paper will be reviewed for clarity: if necessary, the manuscript will be returned to the author for modification.

The page limits for manuscripts are:

Submitting Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent by ftp to the WH2001 site on space.mit.edu (see below for details). To be submitted are: We request that the papers submitted follow the following naming format: For example, 5.3.Crew.ps and 5.3.Crew.info.

The full list of manuscript ID's, authors, and titles can be found here.

To submit the manuscript,

There may be short periods each day (between 4h and 5h UT, typically) where ftp access is not allowed: in this case, please try again later.


Once you've submitted your manuscript, send an email notifying us of your submission to roland@space.mit.edu.

Proceedings format

We will be using the AIP 8.5x11 double-column format for these proceedings. AIP has distributed supporting documents for the creation of publication-ready manuscripts:

We suggest you carefully read README.txt and follow the installation suggestions there.


If you have questions, corrections, or comments, please send us mail.

Stay tuned to this site for updates and further instructions!

Calendar of Key Dates

The Woods Hole 2001 Scientific Organizing Committee

J-L Atteia, M. Kippen, T. Cline, C. Kouveliotou, E. Costa, S. Kulkarni, B. Dingus, D. Lamb, E. Fenimore, A. Loeb, G. Fishman, M. Matsuoka, D. Frail, C. Meegan, A. Fruchter, P. Meszaros, N. Gehrels, L. Piro, J. Greiner, G. Ricker (Chair), J. Heise, M. Tavani, K. Hurley, R. Wijers, N. Kawai, S. Woosley

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