List of Refereed Publications based on HETE Data

HETE-Related Papers Published in Refereed Journals

There are currently 104 publications in this list.             see list of submitted papers

Bornancini, et al., The Galaxy Density Environment of Gamma Ray Burst Host Galaxies,
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ59568.preprint.pdf

Lipkin, et al., The Detailed Optical Light Curve of GRB 030329
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ59487.preprint.pdf

Stratta, et al., Absorption in Gamma Ray Afterglows
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ57006.preprint.pdf

Blake and Bloom, Optical Limits on Precursor Emission from Gamma Ray Bursts with Known Red Shift
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ17287.preprint.pdf

Chevalier and Li., The Diversity of Gamma Ray Burst Afterglows and the Surroundings of Massive Stars,
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ59335.preprint.pdf

Lin, et al., Dominant Gamma Ray Bursts Production in the Early Universe,
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ17944.preprint.pdf

Huang, et al., Rebrightening of XRF 030723: Further Evidence for a Two-Component Jet in Gamma-Ray Burst,
          accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal     (2004) ApJ58964.preprint.pdf

Willingale et al., The X-ray, optical and radio evolution of the GRB030329 afterglow and the associated SN2003dh,
          accepted for publication in MNRAS,   (2003)

Vreeswijk et al., The host of GRB 030323 at z=3.372: a very high column density DLA system with a low metallicity,
          accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics,     (2004)

Borgonovo, Bimodal distribution of the autocorrelation function in gamma-ray bursts,
          accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics,     (2004)

Kuno et al., Radio Observations of the Afterglow of GRB 030329,
          to be published in PASJ Vol.56, No.2,     (2004)

Trimble & Aschwanden, Astrophysics in 2003,
          PASP , 116 ,   187   (2003) PASP_v116_187

Waxman, The Nature of GRB 980425 and the Search for Off-Axis Gamma-Ray Burst Signatures in Nearby Type Ib/c Supernova Emission,
          Astrophysical Journal,   602 ,   886   (2004) 2004ApJ...602..886W

Nakar & Oren, Polarization and Light-Curve Variability: The ``Patchy-Shell`` Model,
          Astrophysical Journal,   602,   L97   (2004) 2004ApJ...602L..97N

Cassé, Cordier, Paul, & Schanne, Hypernovae/Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Galactic Center as Possible Sources of Galactic Positrons,
          Astrophysical Journal,   602 ,   L20   (2004) 2004ApJ...602L..17C

Zhang, Dai, Lloyd-Ronning, & Mészáros, Quasi-universal Gaussian Jets: A Unified Picture for Gamma-Ray Bursts and X-Ray Flashes,
          Astrophysical Journal,   601,   L119   (2004) 2004ApJ...601L.119Z

Lloyd-Ronning, Dai, & Zhang, On the Structure of Quasi-universal Jets for Gamma-Ray Bursts,
          Astrophysical Journal,   601,   371   (2004) 2004ApJ...601..371L

Sakamoto et al., High Energy Transient Explorer 2 Observations of the Extremely Soft X-Ray Flash XRF 020903,
          Astrophysical Journal,   602,   875   (2004) 2004ApJ...602..875S

Urata et al., Early (<0.3 Days) R-Band Light Curve of the Optical Afterglow of GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   601,   L17   (2004) 2004ApJ...601L..17U

Rykoff et al., The Early Optical Afterglow of GRB 030418 and Progenitor Mass Loss,
          Astrophysical Journal,   601,   1013   (2004) 2004ApJ...601.1013R

Frail et al., A Late-Time Flattening of Afterglow Light Curves,
          Astrophysical Journal,   600,   828   (2004) 2004ApJ...600..828F

Razzaque, Mészáros, & Waxman, Neutrino signatures of the supernova: Gamma ray burst relationship,
          Physical Review D,   69,   023001   (2004) 2004PhRvD..69b3001R

Bloom et al., Optical-Infrared ANDICAM Observations of the Transient Associated with GRB 030329,
          Astronomical Journal,   127,   252   (2004) 2004AJ....127..252B

Kumar & Panaitescu, A unified treatment of the gamma-ray burst 021211 and its afterglow,
          Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,   346,   905   (2003) 2003MNRAS.346..905K

Mazzali et al., The Type Ic Hypernova SN 2003dh/GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   599,   L95   (2003) 2003ApJ...599L..95M

Sato et al., Earliest Detection of the Optical Afterglow of GRB 030329 and Its Variability,
          Astrophysical Journal,   599,   L9   (2003) 2003ApJ...599L...9S

Greiner et al., GRB 011121: A Collimated Outflow into Wind-blown Surroundings,
          Astrophysical Journal,   599 ,   1223   (2003) 2003ApJ...599.1223G

Berger, Kulkarni, Frail, & Soderberg, A Radio Survey of Type Ib and Ic Supernovae: Searching for Engine-driven Supernovae,
          Astrophysical Journal,   599,   408   (2003) 2003ApJ...599..408B

Matheson et al., Photometry and Spectroscopy of GRB 030329 and Its Associated Supernova 2003dh: The First Two Months,
          Astrophysical Journal,   599,   394   (2003) 2003ApJ...599..394M

Crew et al., HETE-2 Localization and Observation of the Bright, X-Ray-rich Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 021211,
          Astrophysical Journal,   599,   387   (2003) 2003ApJ...599..387C

Greiner et al., Evolution of the polarization of the optical afterglow of the γ-ray burst GRB030329,
          Nature,   426,   157   (2003) 2003Natur.426..157G

Berger et al., A common origin for cosmic explosions inferred from calorimetry of GRB030329,
          Nature,   426,   154   (2003) 2003Natur.426..154B

Granot, Nakar, & Piran, Astrophysics: refreshed shocks from a γ-ray burst,
          Nature,   426,   138   (2003) 2003Natur.426..138G

Nakar & Piran, Modeling Fluctuations in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Light Curves,
          Astrophysical Journal,   598,   400   (2003) 2003ApJ...598..400N

Laursen & Stanek, High-Precision Photometry of the Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 020813: The Smoothest Afterglow Yet,
          Astrophysical Journal,   597,   L107   (2003) 2003ApJ...597L.107L

Torii et al., The Earliest Optical Observations of GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   597,   L105   (2003) 2003ApJ...597L.101T

Butler et al., The X-Ray Afterglows of GRB 020813 and GRB 021004 with Chandra HETGS: Possible Evidence for a Supernova Prior to GRB 020813,
          Astrophysical Journal,   597,   1010   (2003) 2003ApJ...597.1010B

Hjorth et al., Very High Column Density and Small Reddening toward GRB 020124 at z=3.20,
          Astrophysical Journal,   597,   699   (2003) 2003ApJ...597..699H

Lazzati et al., Intrinsic and dust-induced polarization in gamma-ray burst afterglows: The case of GRB 021004,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   410,   823   (2003) 2003A&A...410..823L

Shirasaki et al., Design and Performance of the Wide-Field X-Ray Monitor on Board the High-Energy Transient Explorer 2,
          Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,   55,   1033   (2003) 2003PASJ...55.1033S

Nagataki et al., Explosive Nucleosynthesis Associated with Formation of Jet-induced Gamma-Ray Bursts in Massive Stars,
          Astrophysical Journal,   596,   401   (2003) 2003ApJ...596..401N

Smith et al., ROTSE-III Observations of the Early Afterglow from GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   596,   L151   (2003) 2003ApJ...596L.151S

Zhang, Kobayashi, & Mészáros, Gamma-Ray Burst Early Optical Afterglows: Implications for the Initial Lorentz Factor and the Central Engine,
          Astrophysical Journal,   595,   950   (2003) 2003ApJ...595..950Z

Mirabal et al., GRB 021004: A Possible Shell Nebula around a Wolf-Rayet Star Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor,
          Astrophysical Journal,   595,   935   (2003) 2003ApJ...595..935M

Vreeswijk, Møller, & Fynbo, New search strategy for high z intervening absorbers: GRB 021004, a pilot study,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   409,   L5   (2003) 2003A&A...409L...5V

Tiengo et al., The X-ray afterglow of GRB 030329,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   409,   983   (2003) 2003A&A...409..983T

Burenin et al., The First Hours of the Optical Afterglow from the Cosmic Gamma-Ray Burst 030329,
          Astronomy Letters,   29,   573   (2003) 2003AstL...29..573B

Sheth et al., Millimeter Observations of GRB 030329: Continued Evidence for a Two-Component Jet,
          Astrophysical Journal,   595,   L33   (2003) 2003ApJ...595L..33S

Watson et al, Soft X-ray Emission Lines in GRB 030227,
          Astrophysical Journal , 595 ,   L29   (2003) Apj_v595_L29

Urata et al., Multiband Optical Follow-up Observations of GRB 020813 at the Kiso and Bisei Observatories,
          Astrophysical Journal,   595,   L21   (2003) 2003ApJ...595L..21U

Dado, Dar, & De Rújula, The Supernova Associated with GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   594,   L89   (2003) 2003ApJ...594L..89D

Yamazaki, Yonetoku, & Nakamura, An Off-Axis Jet Model For GRB 980425 and Low-Energy Gamma-Ray Bursts,
          Astrophysical Journal,   594,   L79   (2003) 2003ApJ...594L..79Y

Bloom, Frail, & Kulkarni, Gamma-Ray Burst Energetics and the Gamma-Ray Burst Hubble Diagram: Promises and Limitations,
          Astrophysical Journal,   594,   674   (2003) 2003ApJ...594..674B

Pandey et al., The optical afterglow of the not so dark GRB 021211,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   408,   L21   (2003) 2003A&A...408L..21P

Granot & Loeb, Radio Imaging of Gamma-Ray Burst Jets in Nearby Supernovae,
          Astrophysical Journal,   593,   L81   (2003) 2003ApJ...593L..81G

Kawabata et al., On the Spectrum and Spectropolarimetry of Type Ic Hypernova SN 2003dh/GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   593,   L19   (2003) 2003ApJ...593L..19K

van Putten & Regimbau, Observational Evidence for a Correlation between Peak Luminosities and Beaming in Gamma-Ray Bursts,
          Astrophysical Journal,   593,   L15   (2003) 2003ApJ...593L..15V

Dado, Dar, & De Rújula, What We Learn from the Afterglow of GRB 021211,
          Astrophysical Journal,   593,   961   (2003) 2003ApJ...593..961D

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          Astrophysical Journal,   593,   941   (2003) 2003ApJ...593..941Y

Klose et al., The Very Faint K-Band Afterglow of GRB 020819 and the Dust Extinction Hypothesis of the Dark Bursts,
          Astrophysical Journal,   592,   1025   (2003) 2003ApJ...592.1025K

Atteia, A simple empirical redshift indicator for gamma-ray bursts,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   407,   L1   (2003) 2003A&A...407L...1A

Li, Filippenko, Chornock, & Jha, The Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope Gamma-Ray Burst Alert System, and Observations of GRB 020813,
          Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific,   115,   844   (2003) 2003PASP..115..844L

Nakar, Piran, & Granot, Variability in GRB afterglows and GRB 021004,
          New Astronomy,   8,   495   (2003) 2003NewA....8..495N

Mészáros & Rees, Gamma-Ray Bursts as X-Ray Depth Gauges of the Universe,
          Astrophysical Journal,   591,   L91   (2003) 2003ApJ...591L..91M

Dai & Wu, GRB 030226 in a Density-Jump Medium,
          Astrophysical Journal,   591,   L21   (2003) 2003ApJ...591L..21D

Stanek et al., Spectroscopic Discovery of the Supernova 2003dh Associated with GRB 030329,
          Astrophysical Journal,   591,   L17   (2003) 2003ApJ...591L..17S

Della Valle et al., Evidence for supernova signatures in the spectrum of the late-time bump of the optical afterglow of GRB 021211,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   406,   L33   (2003) 2003A&A...406L..33D

Rol et al., Variable polarization in the optical afterglow of GRB 021004,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   405,   L23   (2003) 2003A&A...405L..23R

Uemura, Kato, Ishioka, & Yamaoka, Discovery of a Short Plateau Phase in the Early Evolution of a Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow,
          Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,   55,   L31   (2003) 2003PASJ...55L..31U

Hjorth et al., A very energetic supernova associated with the γ-ray burst of 29 March 2003,
          Nature,   423,   847   (2003) 2003Natur.423..847H

Price et al., The bright optical afterglow of the nearby γ-ray burst of 29 March 2003,
          Nature,   423,   844   (2003) 2003Natur.423..844P

Uemura et al., Structure in the early afterglow light curve of the γ-ray burst of 29 March 2003,
          Nature,   423,   843   (2003) 2003Natur.423..843U

Mészáros, γ-ray bursts: The supernova connection,
          Nature,   423,   809   (2003) 2003Natur.423..809M

Berger, Kulkarni, & Frail, A Standard Kinetic Energy Reservoir in Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows,
          Astrophysical Journal,   590,   379   (2003) 2003ApJ...590..379B

Li & Chevalier, Wind-Interaction Models for the Early Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Case of GRB 021004,
          Astrophysical Journal,   589,   L69   (2003) 2003ApJ...589L..69L

Band, Comparison of the Gamma-Ray Burst Sensitivity of Different Detectors,
          Astrophysical Journal,   588,   945   (2003) 2003ApJ...588..945B

Bloom, Is the Redshift Clustering of Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts Significant?,
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          Astrophysical Journal,   585,   L15   (2003) 2003ApJ...585L..15D

Barraud et al., Spectral analysis of 35 GRBs/XRFs observed with HETE-2/FREGATE,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   400,   1021   (2003) 2003A&A...400.1021B

Le Floc'h et al., Are the hosts of gamma-ray bursts sub-luminous and blue galaxies?,
          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   400,   499   (2003) 2003A&A...400..499L

Barth et al., Optical Spectropolarimetry of the GRB 020813 Afterglow,
          Astrophysical Journal,   584,   L47   (2003) 2003ApJ...584L..47B

Bersier et al., The Unusual Optical Afterglow of the Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 021004: Color Changes and Short-Timescale Variability,
          Astrophysical Journal,   584,   L43   (2003) 2003ApJ...584L..43B

Price et al., GRB 010921: Strong Limits on an Underlying Supernova from the Hubble Space Telescope,
          Astrophysical Journal,   584,   931   (2003) 2003ApJ...584..931P

Kobayashi & Zhang, GRB 021004: Reverse Shock Emission,
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          Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India,   31,   19   (2003) 2003BASI...31...19P

Berger et al., The Faint Optical Afterglow and Host Galaxy of GRB 020124: Implications for the Nature of Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts,
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          Astronomy and Astrophysics,   396,   L5   (2002) 2002A&A...396L...5L

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          Astrophysical Journal,   571,   L131   (2002) 2002ApJ...571L.131P

Ricker et al., GRB 010921: Localization and Observations by the High Energy Transient Explorer Satellite,
          Astrophysical Journal,   571,   L127   (2002) 2002ApJ...571L.127R

Price et al., GRB 010921: Discovery of the First High Energy Transient Explorer Afterglow,
          Astrophysical Journal,   571,   L121   (2002) 2002ApJ...571L.121P