MIT/CXC S-Lang Modules


This page provides links to several S-Lang modules developed to support various research applications. Some modules provide S-Lang bindings for various libraries while others are self-contained. Background information on what modules are, and why we consider them useful, is given here.

Those modules providing library bindings may be incomplete in the sense that the underlying library may provide more functionality than is available through the S-Lang interface. Nevertheless, all provide useful functionality and all are actively used.

The currently available modules are:

  • cfitsio: FITS I/O Library
  • stats: Statistics Library
  • histogram: histogram module
  • pvm: PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
  • SLgsl: GNU Scientific Library
  • slgtk: GTK+ (graphical interface toolkit)
  • TESS: The (Te)st (S)ystem for (S)-Lang
  • xpa: XPA interprocess communication, with SAOds9 controller
  • SLh5: HDF5 file I/O
  • volview: 3D volume visualization
  • slgif: Easy GIF file I/O, with vectorized support for animations

In developing these modules, we have made an effort to comply with the CXC module development guidelines.

Note that this is not a complete list of S-Lang modules; several modules are included in the S-Lang distribution, and more are available from other sources.

Individuals interesting in writing their own modules may wish to consider the SLIRP code generator, which has been used to create bindings to SLgtk, OpenGL, MySQL, and libGlade, in addition to other libraries and FORTRAN codes.

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