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Version 1.6.2-51  

Download ISIS


A script is available to automate downloading and installing ISIS. For details, read about scripted installation here.

Mac Users may also wish to look at the Mac-specific install page.

Current Release

Tar files containing the latest source code release are available from:

Digital signatures for these files were generated using this GPG public key.

Development Version

The development version is available from a Git source code repository:

   git clone https://github.com/houckj/isis

To update your local copy of this repository, just type 'git pull'.

Supported Platforms

ISIS is written in standard C and Fortran and is intended to be portable across most variants of Unix. It has been used on both 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs and on several versions of Linux, Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel), Windows (Cygwin), Solaris/SunOS, FreeBSD, DEC OSF1, DEC Ultrix and IBM AIX.

Spectroscopy Database

If you wish to make use of the APEC spectroscopy database, it is available from http://www.atomdb.org/

Building ISIS from source:

Detailed installation instructions are available at this URL; any updates to the installation instructions appear there first. The source code distribution also contains a copy of the instructions, in the file INSTALL.txt.

If the build fails, the FAQ may provide hints for solving common problems.

To build ISIS from source, the following packages must be available on your system:

  • S-Lang is a C-like interpreted programming language, designed to be embedded in C programs to provide extensibility (requires v2.2.4 or later).
    See: http://www.jedsoft.org/slang/download.html.
  • CFITSIO[**] is a C subroutine library for handling FITS files.
  • PGPLOT[**] is a plotting subroutine library written in Fortran and C.
[**]If you plan to use the XSPEC module, it's best to use the CFITSIO and PGPLOT libraries contained in your local XSPEC installation.

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