Sky Image, Zero-Order region

This is an example of events plotted in sky coordinates. The points are colored according the the part of the spectrum to which they belong, as given by the TG_PART column in the events file. Sky Image, with regions colored The zero-order is colored blue, HEG is green, and MEG is red. Other features to note: The narrow streak diagononally through zero-order is the CCD frame-shift aliasing in CHIPY (since the exposure continues while the CCD is read); The broad diagonal band is a quadrant boundary; and the discontinuity in event density is the S2-S3 chip boundary (so plus orders are towards the top).


These two plots show the order-sorting regions for MEG and HEG. The horizontal axis is the order times wavelength (TG_MLAM column) and the vertical is the ratio of the first order grating wavelength (abs(TG_MLAM)) to the CCD "wavelength" (hc/ENERGY). Events are colored according to the order assigned by tg_resolve_events, using the order-sorting map file (osip table, rmfile parameter).
MEG order-sorting HEG order-sorting
Things to note: The up-down wiggle on the negative order side is due to poorly corrected serial charge-transfer-inefficiency (CTI) in chip S1. The regions have been adjusted to account for this.

Diffraction Coordinates

These two plots show the events for MEG and HEG in diffraction coordinates. The horizontal axis is the wavelength (TG_LAM column) and the vertical is the cross-dispersion coordinate (TG_D column).
MEG diffraction coordinates HEG diffraction coordinates
Things to note: Emission lines are apparent, such as O VIII (19A) and Ne X (12A); the diagonal streaks in the MEG spectrum are due to some mis-aligned gratings; the full range in TG_D is about -0.005 to +0.005 degrees. The binned spectrum applies source and background regions in the TG_D direction.

The figures on this page were made with in CIAO 2.0 with CHIPS scripts and S-lang functions: