The following shows the code used to run this marx test. You can inspect it and adapt it to your needs, but you cannot copy and paste it directly because it depends on local $PATH and other environment variables. For example, we use a python function to manage the directory structure for all the images generated by all the tests instead of giving the file name directly to save images.

Build-in geometric sources

marx : step_10

marx OutputDir=point
marx SourceType=GAUSS S-GaussSigma=20 OutputDir=gauss
marx SourceType=BETA S-BetaCoreRadius=10 S-BetaBeta=0.6 OutputDir=beta
marx SourceType=DISK S-DiskTheta0=0 S-DiskTheta1=20 OutputDir=disk
marx SourceType=DISK S-DiskTheta0=10 S-DiskTheta1=20 OutputDir=diskhole
marx SourceType=LINE S-LinePhi=45 S-LineTheta=30 OutputDir=line

marx2fits : step_20

marx2fits --pixadj=EDSER point point.fits
marx2fits --pixadj=EDSER gauss gauss.fits
marx2fits --pixadj=EDSER beta beta.fits
marx2fits --pixadj=EDSER disk disk.fits
marx2fits --pixadj=EDSER diskhole diskhole.fits
marx2fits --pixadj=EDSER line line.fits

CIAO : ds9 images of the PSF

ds9 -width 800 -height 500 -log -cmap heat *.fits -pan to 4018 4141 physical -match frame wcs -saveimage /melkor/d1/guenther/marx/doc/source/tests/figures/GeometricSources_ds9.png -exit