Examples of MARX in useΒΆ

This section contains examples of marx in use from rather trivial use cases to complex and demanding analysis scripts. Going through these examples is the best way to discover the power of marx. They also provide a great starting point for developing your own analysis.

All of the examples assume that you are working in a directory where you have write permission and enough disk space for the simulation. It is also assumed that the marx executables are on the search path and that the marx parameter files marx.par, marxasp.par, and marxpileup.par) are located in the current directory. Assuming you installed marx as described in Downloading and Installing Marx, the latter requirement may be accomplished by running:

unix% marx --help
marx parameter files may be found in:

Simply copy the files from the indicated directory to the current one:

unix% cp /opt/marx5.5/share/marx/pfiles/*.par .

In most examples, marx is used together with a spectral analysis program to write the input spectrum or to analyze the results. The most common programs are Xspec, Sherpa, and ISIS. For each example, we pick one of those programs and provide instructions, but it should be easy to adapt the examples for other spectral analysis systems as well. (Note that in some installations it can happen that CIAO and ISIS have conflicts. In these cases it is useful to setup CIAO only when needed and open a new terminal after that.)

Further examples of marx use can be found on the CIAO thread pages: