Re: trouble reading fits files

From: David P. Huenemoerder <dph_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 10:53:33 -0400
    rgibson> I get an error message, "Unable to locate a binary table".

    rgibson> trouble.)  This is a freshly-generated fits file from
    rgibson> HEASARC Browse, so I don't think it's too out of date.

    rgibson> Is there some sort of "fitsclean" utility that would make
    rgibson> it isis-readable?

The file fails to fverify.  

Looking at it, it seems to not have the
required 2880 bytes multiple in the primary header, and seems to be
sprinkled with "!\newline"s, which look suspicious to me.

Where did the file come from?

-- Dave

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For the record (I already sent this to Rob):

                      FVERIFY V4.0.0 (CFITSIO V3.020)                      
HEASARC conventions are being checked.
File: atest.fits

1 Header-Data Units in this file.
=================== HDU 1: Primary Array ===================
*** Error:   The header fill area is not totally filled with blanks.
 5 header keywords
 Null data array; NAXIS = 0 
*** Error:   Bad HDU? (from CFITSIO error stack:)
             Extension doesn't start with SIMPLE or XTENSION keyword. (ffrhdu)
                    XTENSION= 'TABLE   '           / ASCII TABLE EXTENSION
             Failed to move to HDU number 2 (ffmahd).
++++++++++++++++++++++ Error Summary  ++++++++++++++++++++++
 HDU#  Name (version)       Type             Warnings  Errors
 1                          Primary Array    0         1     
 End-of-file                                 0         1     
**** Verification found 0 warning(s) and 2 error(s). ****
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